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Home Owners Association Board of Directors

Giving to Our Community

Our Homeowners Association Board consists of a maximum of five residents who unselfishly volunteer their time for the benefit of our community. It is very important that we support their efforts and try to help them in any way possible. The Board is elected in April for the following year. The Board members work to protect the neighborhood property values. Please remember that your officers devote many hours to this cause and are not compensated! The Board members are regular homeowners who volunteer to serve the community, so please do not call them at inappropriate hours or knock on their doors with neighborhood problems. Remember, the Board officers devote many hours to this cause and are not compensated!

We are fortunate to live in a subdivision that does not ask unreasonable dues to upkeep our community. Homeowners' association dues are only $150.00 payable in January of each year.

Some people think that being a Board member is a "thankless job," but it is one of the most important things you could ever do to protect your most important investment, your home! We strongly encourage each homeowner to get involved, you won't be sorry!

If you are living in the entrance parkway area that is not specifically included in the Association, but benefit from the upkeep of the common areas and front entranceway, and would like to contribute to our cause, send your contribution to Apalachee Plantation c/o SMGmanagement, P. O. Box 76697, Atlanta, GA 30358.

To contact the association, use the form on this page, or write to the address below.

Apalachee Plantation c/o
SMGmanagement of Atlanta LLC
Attn: Helen Johnson
P. O. Box 76697
Atlanta, GA 30358
Phone: 404.372.8856

Members of the Board, along with SMGmanagement of Atlanta LLC carry out regular inspections and send out covenant violation notices. Any resident may submit potential covenant violations. Members of the board or the management agency will confirm any violation before a notice is sent to the home owner.

Click Here to Submit a Covenant Violation


Click to contact the HOA Board.

Board Members

Board members may be contacted via email (link above) or through the management agency.

SMGmanagement of Atlanta

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